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About Us.

Participating companies provide 50%-off scholarships (discount) on their products to persons with disabilities who are on fixed incomes.

We simply verify that you are who you say you are.

How We do it:

If you are disabled and on a fixed income (like SSDI), please submit a copy of your federal letter for the current year and a copy of your state ID via our secure and encrypted servers. Once you are verified, you can create an account with your new member ID number. We will then pass your information along to the particular company you are interested in purchasing products from. You can then go to their site, pick out the products you want and email them directly with your member ID number. They take it from there.

Why we do it:

Our founder, Stephen Letnes, is a film composer who is legally blind. He understands the challenges of, well, having challenges like being disabled and also having extremely limited funds to not only live on and pay for extra medical bills, but to also pursue one's dreams, achieve those dreams and then pay taxes! "Many companies have education discounts. How about disability discounts?"


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